Stephanie Pratt: I've Learned My Lesson

November 12, 2009 By:
Stephanie Pratt: I've Learned My Lesson

After laying low for two weeks following her October D.U.I. arrest, Stephanie Pratt came out last night with her fellow Hills cast members to celebrate the Maxim and Ubisoft launch of Assassin’s Creed II.

The reality show star admits that the DUI was the worst thing that's ever happened to her, but she's learning from her mistakes and is going to have a positive attitude about her life from now on.

“Literally it was the first time that something horrible happened to me and I didn’t have the attitude of 'my life sucks', it doesn’t matter what I do now.

"My friend Erin said the wisest thing ever. I went over to her house, I was crying hysterically, I went to a little hideout for two weeks right after that because of the paparazzi, and when I got back in town things were awful. I just drove straight to her house and she was like 'Stephanie right now you are being tested on how you respond and how you react, it’s gonna be the footprint of the path you take. You’re being tested right now, if you have faith, if you have a good attitude, doors will open', Pratt told Hollyscoop exclusively.

“I smiled and I was like I can have a good attitude. and just fake it till I make it. It was amazing I’ve never done anything like that before I always say F it but this time, lesson learned! I have a good attitude and I swear I’ve never been happier in my life.”

Recalling her time behind bars, she added, "For four hours in jail I was like 'my life is life is over'...and then the next five hours I was like 'no it's a bump in the road' and then I was terrified to go home to my parents."

So how did her parents respond to her DUI arrest? "They took me out the back because there was paparazzi and I was like 'great I don’t even get to tell my parents they already know' and I went straight to my parents house and they hugged me.”

Earlier this month Stephanie told Hollyscoop that she was planning on having a safe and "sober" New Years in New York City.

Safe and sober New Years is the best way to go. Sounds like she's learned her lesson.