Stephanie Pratt Faces Six Months in Jail

October 29, 2009 By:
Stephanie Pratt Faces Six Months in Jail

Stephanie Pratt barely blew a .09 when she was pulled over and arrested for a D.U.I. earlier this month but she may face some serious jail time.

The Hills star blew a .08, which is the legal limit in California, in the early hours of Oct. 18 after leaving castmate Holly Montag's birthday party at L.A. club Empire.

But the police officer wasn't pleased with the result and made her take the breathalyzer test one more time, which is when she blew a .09.

Spencer Pratt's little sister was formally charged on Wednesday with suspicion of driving under the influence, TMZ reports. She faces up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine.

Lindsay Lohan got two D.U.I.'s in one month and was even caught with cocaine on her and she escaped jail time. If anyone needs to serve time, it’s Lindsay.

Do you think its fair for Stephanie to potentially serve 6 months when stars like Lindsay and Nicole Richie get off the hook with no problem? Tell us your thoughts!