Step Brothers Movie Review

August 11, 2008 By:
Step Brothers Movie Review

All doubts about a movie are removed when the usher tells you "This movie is funnier than sh*t." I found myself wanting to do the same after seeing Step Brothers.

Will Ferrell teams up with "Talladega Nights" co-star John C. Reilly as Brennan and Dale, two boys struggling to become family after Brennan's mom (Mary Steenburgen) marries Dale's dad (Richard Jenkins). The problem is both of them still live at home and they're about forty years old! It's hardly BFFs at first sight as Brennan refuses to get out of the car upon arriving at his new home. Forced to share a room together, they threaten to beat each other senseless as only 10 year old boys can.

After a particularly white trash battle royal in the front yard, they're given an edict: get a job and get out. They finally bond over their hatred of Brennan's younger brother, Derek (Adam Scott), an obnoxious yuppie throwback who drops more names than the National Enquirer. The boy’s quest to become adults tests their parents’ marriage, their manhood and your sides from splitting.

Director Adam McKay (who co-wrote with Ferrell) could've taken the easy route and let Ferrell and Riley just go nuts for an hour and a half, but wisely decided to let other people share in the fun. Kathryn Hahn as Derek's hyper-sexed, whack job wife Alice easily steals every scene she's in. Steenburgen is allowed to look like she arrived from the Planet MILF in the opening minutes making out with Richard Jenkins, but channels her inner Mary Tyler Moore when driven nuts by the boys.

Judd Apatow produced Step Brothers and you can definitely see his influence in it as no comedic expense was spared. From passing gas at a job interview to post-coital bathroom behavior, Step Brothers gives us yet hilarious movie that others will be compared to.

There's a lot of cool quotes from this movie, but since they're R-rated, you'll have to hear them for yourselves. Trust me, they won't disappoint. You just won't be able to repeat them in Sunday school. Although there's no nudity (save a very large prosthetic sack), there are enough F-bombs to make some rappers blush. But not all movies get Burger King movie tie-ins, so it's a good trade off. Take a break from Superheroes and have some fun and you'll see why "Step Brothers is funnier than sh*t."

Step Brothers (R) Columbia (98 min.) The film contains constant crude humor, strong language, nudity and violence.

Billy Tatum gives Step Brothers 4 and a half (out of 5) Scoops.