Stars get down in St. Tropez

August 2, 2006 By:

St. Tropez is sizzling with all these celebrities getting loose. Check out Cindy Crawford showing her moves on the same strip pole that Paris Hilton was dancing on. What is it about this city that makes all the stars go wild? Let’s take “Hollyscoop’s ST. Tropez History 101”.

This French little town was made famous by actress and sex goddess Bridgette Bardot’s role in the movie “And God Created Woman. ” Bardot’s appearance made the city renowned for its footloose and fancy-free attitude regarding fun, sex, and sun! This city offers an eclectic atmosphere and casual ambience that blends tastefully with the many glamorous yachts and sailboats. Cobblestone streets lead to alleys housing some of the most stylish shops, galleries, hotels, and restaurants. Apart from the choice shopping and nightlife scenes, there are also forty private beaches that provide seclusion and encourage a seductive mood. In regards to the parties, let’s just say a tradition is to drench partygoers in champagne as the crowd parties until the early dawn. The nightlife not only happens on soil but also extends to the ocean, where there are countless parties on the world’s largest yachts.

If you plan on going to St. Tropez here is a travel guide. St. Tropez, affectionately referred to as “St. Trop” by the locals, is home to more luxury yachts than fishing boats. The city’s cafés are the perfect place to yacht watch! In the summer, the city averages 100,000 visitors each day. Famous people are often seen in the jet setting area of the city. In fact, Prince Albert, Naomi Campbell, Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, and Jack Nicholson have all been seen in St. Tropez. You never know who you might meet on the streets. It was in St. Tropez that local girls bypassed indecency laws by placing soda bottle tops over certain areas of their chests to prevent being arrested. Today, the Plage de Pampelonne is a beach where you can choose whether or not to wear swimming attire. Now that’s HOT!