Star Jones vs. Barbara Walters: Round II

May 13, 2008 By:
Star Jones vs. Barbara Walters: Round II

Oh it's on! The feud between Star Jones and Barbara Walters just got juicier. Last week Star dissed Barbara and this week Babs is the one throwing punches.

"Poor woman, she's gone through so much," Walters said on Larry King Live Monday night. The best part of Babs' comments is that she said it in such a loving manner.

In regards to Star's comments, Babs said, "I think [Star's] suffering now and that's why she's lashing out."

She added, "I was very fond of Star," she told King. "The network wanted to let her go. The ratings were going way down… It took her a long time to get a job."

Sounds like the catfight is far from being over. Whose side are you on?