Star Jones Is Still Picking Fights

October 24, 2008 By:
Star Jones Is Still Picking Fights

Star Jones, who is notorious for trash talking her former co-stars on The View, has found something new to complain about.

Star is now suing the condo board at her Upper East Side building, The Louisiana, for basically ruining her apartment. She claims that that management failed to repair leaks that eventually lead to the destruction of the place.

"The water continues to enter [Jones'] home, continuing to cause damage to the home and property and making the home uninhabitable," the suit says.

Star has been a resident there since 2001 and claims that the leaks began in 2003 and continued to soak her drapes, floors, and even appliances. According to the papers filed, so far her condo has sustained $237,543.75 in damages. Why didn't she just call a plumber? She can certainly afford one.