Is 'Satan's Sister' Star Jones Stirring Up Drama to Sell Her Book?

March 25, 2011 By:
Is 'Satan's Sister' Star Jones Stirring Up Drama to Sell Her Book?


Star Jones has a new book to promote, and what better way to do than with drama on a hit network show!

The former co-host of The View just released “Satan’s Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction,” which is set in the world of daytime TV, but she insists its not about her former daytime co-hosts.

There's been a lot of drama on Celebrity Apprentice between Star Jones and Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes, most of which seems to be stirred up by NeNe.

But of course the Donald doesn’t mind the catfights because they’re great for ratings. Celebrity Apprentice is drawing record viewers and topping the ratings in key demographics.

Star told Hollyscoop at the Tribeca Film Festival Los Angeles Reception at the W Hollywood Hotel that she loves working for the Donald. "I was honored to work for Mr. Trump."

Star went on to explain how difficult the schedule was. "We taped it last October in the fall and I can honestly say to you, every single morning I would wake up at 5am, at 5:30 I would be in the gym, make up and hair from 6 to 7, downstairs with the group at 7:15.

“At 7:15 we hit it , we don’t stop about until 11:30 at night and that’s 6 days a week straight through. It was very intense, but you know what, it was for a good cause, I learned a lot because it was really based on business."

No wonder there is so much tension on the show, being stuck with type A personalities for 6 days straight.

Whether the drama is real or not, people are eating it up. Even celebs can’t get enough of it. Matthew McConaughey recently revealed to Ellen that he can't wait to see Nene Leakes and Star Jones clash on the show.

"Wait 'til NeNe is the project manager and has to tell Star what to do. That's going to be fun! She doesn't mind speaking her mind," McConaughey jokes.

He jokingly called Star "a diva" but added that "she's good at it. Even when she's not team leader, she's taking control back there."

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned catfight. And of course the drama is great for the show so we'll keep watching ever week! #teamstarjones