Al Reynolds Feels Really Sorry For Himself

May 13, 2008 By:
Al Reynolds Feels Really Sorry For Himself

Al Reynolds decided to get a few things off his chest the old fashion way, via myspace! Isn't that what all newly divorcee's do? Create a myspace to blog away your hurt feelings?

Al didn't waste any time filling out his profile or interests, and instead cut right to the chase with a post about his highly publicized divorce from Star Jones. But we want to know what his favorite books and movies are, and how bout some picture phone profile pics? For now, this is what we're left with:

"In my mind, it feels like 'Dump on Al Month.' And I'm not having fun yet. I have been called a gigolo, a freeloader, unemployed, a sham and many other things that don't bear repeating. People on television, radio and the internet have spoken disparagingly of my life, my sexuality, my career and my integrity," he wrote.

"I know in my heart that I entered my marriage with love and the best of intentions and leave it with great sadness that it didn't work."

"What the world doesn't know about me would fill a book, but I know who I am and what I have achieved in my life."

Ok, so then prove it Al! Get on a talk show like your ex wife and everyone else and prove us all wrong!