E! Launching New Sports Soup Show

September 16, 2008 By:
E! Launching New Sports Soup Show

Listen up sports fans! Sister channel to E! Versus is launching a brand new show called Sports Soup, which will be an off shoot of Joel McHale's show on E! The show will be hosted by Matt Iseman, and is being described as an "irreverent look at the state of sports and the people who play and report on them." It will pull material from pre and post-game shows, press conferences, local media and off-the-wall places -- with commentary by Iseman.

"Sports Soup will offer viewers an undistorted glimpse into sports," said Versus executive vp Marc Fein. "It's our way of providing a voice to sports fans, as the show will say what we are all thinking but no one is actually saying, until now."

The new show is even being produced by the same team that brings us the Soup every week. Matt Iseman says, "This will be the Chad Johnson of sports shows -- a little obnoxious, usually hilarious and so fascinating that you just won't be able to take your eyes off it because you have to see what happens next."

Sounds amazing! Sports and humor together? We're in. Sports Soup premieres October 14th on Versus at 10PM.