Will Smith to Buy Basketball Team

December 1, 2006 By:
Will Smith to Buy Basketball Team

Nick Lachey isn’t the only one buying up his hobbies these days, Will
has confirmed that he is in negotiations to buy the Philadelphia
76ers basketball team. Smith and former basketball star Julia Irving are
in talks to take over the team.

Smith says, "We're looking into the purchase of the Sixers."
If this goes through Will Smith will join the likes of Nelly, who is part
owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, and Jay-Z, who is part owner of the New
Jersey Nets.

In other Will Smith news, don’t expect this Fresh Prince to convert to
Scientology any time soon. Despite Tom Cruises many attempts, Will smith
just cannot convert, because, well he is afraid of his late grandmother.

He says, "I've talked to Tom about it - (there's) lots of incredible,
wonderful concepts (but, my wife) Jada (Pinkett Smith) and I don't
necessarily believe in organized religion.

"I was raised in a Baptist household and my grandmother would get up
out of her casket (if I became a Scientologist)."