Oscar De La Hoya Drag Pictures a Hoax?

September 24, 2007 By:
Oscar De La Hoya Drag Pictures a Hoax?

Last week Oscar De La Hoya and pictures of him dressed in drag where the highlight of my week. There was something about him dressed in woman's panties and fishnets that somehow just made the week go by that much faster. Well the model that outted the boxer is singing a new tune this week--and it's a lot different than her original story.

Just days after she claimed the pictures were "not Photoshopped," Milana Dravnel now tells the NY Daily News, "I cannot personally verify the authenticity of the images." WTF? Homegirl was swearing by these pictures less then a week ago.

Pictures of De La Hoya "were taken from my personal camera and were out of my control," Dravnel said last night. "I was pressured into going public with the photos by certain individuals who had improper motives and acted solely for their own financial gain. I have not received any money from the sale or use of these photos."

"Mr. De La Hoya and I had a platonic relationship," the former Scores dancer said. "We did not have intimate relations." She wouldn't say more "on the advice of my lawyer."

"I only agreed to do a television interview ... after I received numerous threats from people who were in control of the images," she said. "Many quotes that were attributed to me in the media are false and inaccurate, as were some statements I made on 'Entertainment Tonight.'

"Last week, I sent a demand to X17online.com to remove the images from their Web site."

Aside from telling "E.T." that the pictures weren't Photoshopped, Dravnel also said that, "Oscar's people found out about the disk" and she received "threatening phone calls offering me cash to get the pictures back." But now Dravnel says, "I don't believe any threats came from Oscar." She added, "I apologize to Mr. De La Hoya for any embarrassment I caused him and his family."

So basically she's admitting that she's a big fat liar and everything she said last week was all bull--and she expects us to believe her this week?