Michael Vick Suspended From NFL

August 24, 2007 By:
Michael Vick Suspended From NFL

Here comes the first punishment for Michael Vick. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made an announcement today that Vick is indefinitely suspended without pay from the NFL.

The Commissioner ordered the quarterback not report to the Falcons training camp.

Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank has issued a statement talking about Michael Vick's Suspension:

"Today, Michael Vick admitted his guilt to very serious charges related to his earlier indictment. His admissions describe actions that are incomprehensible and unacceptable for a member of the National Football League and the Atlanta Falcons."

"We respect and support the Commissioner's decision today to place Michael Vick on an indefinite suspension. As with other actions he has taken this year, the Commissioner is making a strong statement that conduct which tarnishes the good reputation of the NFL will not be tolerated."

"We hope that Michael will use this time, not only to further address his legal matters, but to take positive steps to improve his personal life."