Michael Vick Is "Accepting Full Responsibility"

August 20, 2007 By:
Michael Vick Is

Atlanta Falcons doucebag quarterback Michael Vick has just accepted a plea deal. The deal consists of him possibly serving time in prison for his dog fighting prosecution.

"Mike's accepting full responsibility," his defense lawyer said.

"He's going to do everything he can personally and professionally to make this situation right."

He’s only accepting responsibility because he got caught.

If you don’t know what he did, Vick allegedly helped kill dogs that didn't fight well, and that all three men "executed approximately eight dogs" by hanging and drowning.

I always wonder why someone with a lot of money would do such a stupid thing. He made sooooo much money playing football but he spent his free time torturing dogs. People like that don’t deserve any money. He should go to jail and get kicked out of the NFL.