'Spider-Man' Spins Web Of Box Office Gold

July 9, 2012 By:
'Spider-Man' Spins Web Of Box Office Gold

The Amazing Spider-Man swooped in and took over the box office this holiday weekend proving that we aren't the only ones totally in love with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, or Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey I guess… oh seriously, what's the difference?

According to CNN, since it's opening last Wednesday,the film has made a national total of $140 million. With a weekend total of $65 million, it knocked that crass and horny little teddy bear out of the top spot for box office earnings.

After a worldwide gross of over $340 million, Sony has definitely made their $220 million investment back. And since its going to be a long hot summer, those profit margins are only going to rise.

All the math aside, let's talk about what this really means. The numbers officially assuage fears that Sony made a mistake in thinking that the Spidey franchise would survive a re-boot/reinterpretation since the conclusion of the Tobey Maguire headed trilogy five years ago.

And, no offense here, but we could have predicted this success way before all those dudes in suits with calculator apps. I mean, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? Yes, please.

Grant it, their unexpected, but totally understandable real life romance as a result of their casting surely didn't hurt the marketing for the film… So we can't really fault these guys for not being absolutely sure that this thing would fly, or swing, I guess, cause spiders don't fly.

But in retrospect, the whole thing is clearly box office gold. And what really, really matters here is that these impressive earnings increase the odds that we might see more of these two together on screen!

In fact, Emma gave us the exclusive scoop on a potential sequel!

Soooo cute… even despite the fact that the dude of the couple is the one in the spandex suit.