Spider-Man 4 Filming Delayed

January 6, 2010 By:
Spider-Man 4 Filming Delayed

It may be a while before we see Spider Man 4 in theaters. Filming on the movie has been pushed back indefinitely. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Kirsten Dunst or Tobey Maguire!

According to Variety, Sony has delayed the start of production, which was originally scheduled for February. Before the holidays, director Sam Raimi halted pre-production because he was having issues with the script.

The movie’s release date is May 6th 2011, which may seem like a lot of time—but not for a big blockbuster like this! Raimi reportedly hated the script for Spidey 4, and are now awaiting a re-write from another screenwriter.

"It is unlikely that May 11, 2011, date will be made," a Sony insider tells DeadlineHollywood.com. "It depends on how quickly the script can get in."

We’ll be anxiously awaiting the results!