Spice Girls Party Without Posh After Olympic Performance

August 13, 2012 By:

Sporty, Baby, Scary, Posh, and Ginger might have brought A-games for their appearance in the Olympic closing ceremony, but the party didn’t stop when they stepped off the stage.

A source close to the Spice Girls told Hollyscoop that rather than turning in to their London hotel rooms, the girls took their fun to George Michael’s after party. Like they did on stage, they seemed to have buried the hatchet of their previous beef with each other and just have fun.

“Mel B said that she was there to have fun and just be herself,” the source said. “She felt great and hot and was having a blast with the other girls. They really enjoyed all being back together...”

However, the one girl that was a no-show for the party was the poutiest of all… Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh.

“She did not go back out and so it was just the other four girls,” the source said. “Everyone was a little disappointed that she did not come out to celebrate after.”

So where was Posh? We've reached out to her rep to find out why Victoria was a no-show to the after party and we haven't yet heard back.

Though rumors might have suggested the opposite, the girls were not coached on what to wear for the event. Their outfits came from their own inspirations and concepts.

“They did not talk to any of the girls about what they were wearing,” the source continued. “So what you saw the night of the show was their own creation. They all styled themselves."

Maybe that’s why they were so excited as they shared their thoughts with fans in the moments leading up to the set, like Emma Bunton who tweeted just before strutting in front of 80,000 live fans in a tight and flaring mini dress.

Along with throwing the after party, George Michael did some singing of his own during the two hour ceremony.

He performed his hit “Freedom ‘90” and a new single “White Light,” which lays out the details of his near-death battle with pneumonia. He has since been accused of using the massive venue to promote his new material.