Yo! Spencer's No Cheater

April 22, 2008 By:
Yo! Spencer's No Cheater

The latest advice Spencer gives via Radar online tells us that despite being a terrible boyfriend onscreen, he doesn't tolerate cheating.

*YO SPENCER!* Me and my lady have been together for two years and I just found out that she cheated on me. I'm hella mad, but she doesn't know that I've stepped out on her a few times too, so I feel like we're even. Should we break up?

Spencer: I hate cheaters. I'm not a cheater. If you two are cheating on each other, you're obviously not in love—it's time for you to move on and stop wasting each other's time. Or at least have an open relationship. Bottom line: If my girlfriend cheated on me it would be done that moment. No second chances. Unacceptable. Too many fish in the sea.

But shameless flirting and busting in on your girlfriend's girls night out
is A-ok, right Spence?