The Douchiness of Spencer Pratt Continues

April 27, 2010 By:
The Douchiness  of Spencer Pratt Continues

Spencer Pratt is such a low life loser he seriously has nothing better to do with his time than attack random people on Twitter.

Last week he attacked Kate Hudson for tastefully getting a small boob job instead of huge nasty knockers like his wife Heidi did, and this week his new target is Lauren Conrad.

Spencer Pratt Gets Douchy With Kate Hudson's New Boobs

"Shit has to be hard when your mom looks way better and younger then you. Then again your mom has good doctor you are broken," tweeted Douchelord Spencer.

Just minutes before that he wrote, "stop trying to get famous you haven't been relevant since laguna beach. You need ghost writers pretend you can spell or read...dont come back to reality tv your boring and FUGLY. Jeresy shore took any spot that you left open you on MTV moron. LC WHO?"

Spencer Pratt Starts Drama With Audrina

While Lauren remained classy and didn't respond to any of Spencer's tweets, Samantha Ronson decided she had enough and attacked Spencer for Lauren.

She tweeted to Spencer, "You're barely worth a response, however-this has been a long time coming-fuck off you pathetic piece of desperate shit."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves Sam!