Stephanie Pratt Chimes in on Heidi and Spencer's Bizarre Marriage

December 11, 2008 By:
Stephanie Pratt Chimes in on Heidi and Spencer's Bizarre Marriage

While newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have stayed relatively mum on her recent nuptials, their siblings Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt have been talking on their behalf.

Earlier this week Holly told Hollyscoop that she supports "anything Heidi wants to do. She’s an adult and I just want her to be happy and she seems sublimely happy." And now Spencer's sister Stephanie is singing a similar tune.

“I can’t imagine Spencer being with anyone else,” Stephanie told Hollyscoop at the Conga Room Reopening Party at LA Live.

Unlike Holly, Spencer's sister was one of the few people that were not surprised by the "secret" elopement. “No, I think the aftermath was like 'Whoa their really married', cause Heidi is my age, so it’s bizarre, but they’re so cute together.”

In regards to the couple having another wedding, Stephanie said her and Heidi's sister Holly will make sure it happens. “Holly and I will force them. We won't miss out on getting dresses,” she joked.

While the couple has hinted at having kids soon (all for press, we're sure) Stephanie insists it isn't in the cards yet. “No, No, No… not at all."

The world can only handle one Heidi and one Spencer at a time, let's hold off on procreating guys, there aren't enough paparazzi's to go around. What do you guys think of the couples union? Will it last? Will they actually make it legal?