Spencer's Shitty Advice

May 6, 2008 By:
Spencer's Shitty Advice

The Yo Spencer! "advice" column has gone a little far this week. How is this douche qualified to be giving out any sort of sexual recommendations? Here's this week's classy entry:

YO SPENCER! How long do you have to date someone before it's appropriate to bring up the possibility of anal sex?

If you're dating a guy, right away. If you're dating girl, I think you'll know pretty quick if she's into that. If they're not bringing it up, it's not something on their agenda. That's just realistic. My boxing coach Dirty Phi says, "If you stick your pinkie in there, and then another finger, and then another, and she responds happily, then it's cool."

Spencer Pratt is growing on us! He's just so proud of being a douche that you gotta respect him for that! Who gives this kind of advice? Obviously, only Spencer Pratt