Spencer Pratt's Family: He's No Longer Our Son

May 14, 2010 By:
Spencer Pratt's Family: He's No Longer Our Son

Spencer Pratt is so crazy, he's parents want nothing to do with him. They've reportedly cut all communication with him and even took down all the photos of him in their family home.

"They noticed him changing two years ago and stayed by his side. But now it's too much," a source tells Us Weekly. "They even took the pictures of him out of their home."

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Spencer reportedly doesn't talk to his parents either because "he felt his parents would talk to him only about Stephanie and that they charged him with taking care of her," an insider tells Us. "He thinks she's a loser and doesn't want anything to do with her."

And Spencer isn't the only one isolating his parents, Heidi Montag has followed suit.

She got a restraining order against her mother after her mom showed up to their home unannounced earlier this week. "She's psycho," Heidi told the police, when in fact she was just visiting her daughter out of concern.

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"No one ever visits," a local tells Us, and the couple rarely leave. "Heidi sits and stares in the mirror, while Spencer plots and schemes on his projects all day," adds a Pratt source. "He sits on the Internet, watches TV and tries to get press. That is all he does. It's totally sick."

They've both clearly lost their marbles. They've isolated their family and friends and never leave their messy home. These two are a mess, we really hope they just go away after The Hills wraps up.