Spencer Pratt Wants to Pursue Politics

April 14, 2009 By:
Spencer Pratt Wants to Pursue Politics

We would hate to live in a world where Spencer Pratt had more responsibility than deciding which type of product to put in his hair each morning, but Spencer is aiming for the big time!

He recently announced that he’d like to pursue politics. As in, a career. We weren’t sure he even knew what that was. And posing for paparazzi for a living does not count!

Spencer opened up to popsugar about his pipe dreams, saying, "Don't know if I'll be getting elected any time in the next century or so, but definitely going after mayor of L.A. and at least governor. I'll probably stop at Governor."

And if that didn’t scare you enough, listen to what he said next! "I mean, if people were really pushing for me [to run for president] at that point, I'll probably have to step into that role. That pressure may be a little much."

Spencer says he wants to conquer governing California first, and then go from there. So move over, Schwarzenegger! But being in office apparently won’t affect Spencer’s work on The Hills.

In fact, he says it bothers him when people leave the show. So we can only assume he’s referring to Lauren’s exit after this season. Spencer says, "It makes me sick when I hear people say, 'I'm quitting The Hills. I'm going to go do this.

"The Hills is so much fun. It's so cool. It's crazy that people would ever consider quitting just because they have other opportunities. [I would do it] until I'm 90 with a cane and a walker."

And we thought California was in a state of emergency now...