Spencer Pratt Is Happy Heidi's Mom is Getting Evicted

May 7, 2010 By:
Spencer Pratt Is Happy Heidi's Mom is Getting Evicted

Only Spencer Pratt would get excited over someone else's hardships.

The douche that is Spencer is not only excited that his wife Heidi Montag's mother is in foreclosure and faces eviction, he claims its the best news he's heard all day.

According to TMZ, a bank in Colorado, where Heidi's mother lives, is foreclosing on an undeveloped piece of property owned by Heidi's mom, Darlene Egelhoff, claiming she owes $187,385.62 on a $189k loan she took out in 2006.

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When they asked Spencer to comment on it he said, "If that's true ... that is the best news I’ve heard all day long."

Apparently Spencer is pissed about how Heidi's mother handled her 10 plastic surgeries--which was shock, disappointment and disbelief.

"Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television ... should be put in a straight jacket."

Um the entire world reacted like that! You two crazy loons are the only ones that think Heidi looks good!