Spencer Pratt Has Found Jesus

August 20, 2008 By:
Spencer Pratt Has Found Jesus

Spencer Pratt is using Michael Lohan's technique to get a little publicity. He's finding Jesus!

Spencer tells Michael Yo of E! that Heidi is helping him to find faith, He says, "I'm a work in progress. I'd never been to church until I met Heidi. She got me to go — it was a big step. The walls shook a little bit as I first cruised in, but Jesus and I are making the connection. I'm trying to live a more positive, holy life, but it takes work. It's hard not sinning, you know?"

Wow, even when he's trying to do a good thing he still comes off acting and sounding like a complete douche.

He went on in the interview to say that Heidi constantly reminds him to ask himself, "What would Jesus do?"

Spencer said that mentality enabled him to apologize to Mary-Kate Olsen, who he referred to as the "less cute twin." But he tells Michael, "You know, I didn't need to go to the throat on her ... that's just part of this industry."

"The industry?" He acts like he's a respected member of the Hollywood
community. When are these two going to wake up and realize they're the
laughing stock of the business? And that reminds us, didn't they say they
were moving out of Hollywood? We've got the numbers of some moving