Spencer: Heidi Left Me Because I'm Crazy

July 26, 2010 By:
Spencer: Heidi Left Me Because I'm Crazy

We're starting to think there may be some truth to those Speidi split rumors after all.

Heidi Montag has been completely M.I.A. and under the radar, while crazy
Spencer Pratt is well...still crazy.

Photogs caught up Spencer at the Malibu Country Mart on Sunday where he confessed Heidi refuses to speak to him because he's "loco." Uh...ya think?!

"She doesn't talk to me... because I'm loco," he told X17online.

Maybe if you stopped acting like a psychopath, shaved that disgusting goatee and stopped spending all her money on crystals, she'd consider taking you back.

Oh and there's the whole acting like a douche bag thing too. You should also stop that.