Spencer Apologizes to Mary-Kate Olsen

July 1, 2008 By:
Spencer Apologizes to Mary-Kate Olsen

Spencer Prattis still trying to get some press from the Mary Kate Olsen drama. Come one man, that was soooo last week. He has now decided to apologize to Mary-Kate Olsen for calling her the "less cute twin."

"I apologize for getting caught up in trash talking, but she brought up an emotional subject when she mentioned the soccer stuff," Pratt tells Us Weekly. "I know Dave was just doing his job in asking her," he went on. "He's the best in the game at that."

He added, "I respect Mary Kate as a business-woman," he said. "I'm secretly jealous of her. I want my face on a lunchbox, too!"

The feud originally started when Spencer sold photos of MK back in high school to the tabloids for $50K. Sorry Spenc, Round I and II go to MK.