Spencer Pratt. biography

NAME:Spencer Pratt BIRTH DATE:August 21, 1983 (Age: 31) PLACE OF BIRTH:Los Angeles, CA

Reality TV villain Spencer Pratt was born on August 14, 1983 in Los Angeles, CA. Pratt attended Crossroads High School in Santa Monica. Spencer gained notoriety as Heidi Montag's shady boyfriend on the reality series The Hills.

Pratt and Heidi have capitalized on their fame and are seemingly on the cover of every celebrity magazine. Spencer has helped Heidi launch her music career and fashion line Heidiwood.

It is believed the Pratt was responsible for the rift between former BFF's Lauren and Heidi, allegedly spreading rumors of a sex tape. Despite being the brunt of jokes and generally disliked by the public, Pratt has effectively used his scumbag persona to pad his wallet.

Spencer Pratt Wife & Dating History Timeline

2006 - Present

Pratt and Heidi Montag first met while filming The Hills in 2006, and began dating soon after. Despite breaking off their engagement in December 2007, the two eventually tied the knot in Mexico on November 20, 2008 and again in California on April 25, 2009. They later engaged in a fake divorce, hoping to stay relevant in Hollywood.

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