South Park Creators Heading To Broadway

November 18, 2008 By:
South Park Creators Heading To Broadway

Look out Broadway! Matt Stone and Trey Parker are coming to town! The South Park creating duo are heading to the stage for a musical comedy about the Mormon faith. And something tells us it’ll be anything but religious. Matt and Trey have teamed up with Jeff Marx, the mastermind behind Avenue Q, which opened to amazing reviews in New York.

New York stage veteran Cheyenne Jackson has already been cast to star in the show, which he is convinced will be a hit. How could it not be with those two on board?

Jackson tells the New York Post's Pop Wrap, "It's hilarious, very acerbic and biting. It offends everybody but does what South Park does best, which is, by the end, it comes around and has something great to say. I play the main missionary."

Rehearsals are set to start in December, and the show will debut in 2009.