Soulja Boy Buys Himself $55 Million Dollar Jet

July 29, 2011 By:
Soulja Boy Buys Himself $55 Million Dollar Jet

Soulja Boy has new name, it’s Soulja Has Too Much Money.

Soulja Boy just spent $55 million dollars on a private jet as a present for his 21st birthday. What are you gonna get for your 30th? An island?

While most people are struggling to put gas in their hybrid cars, Soulja Boy has spent $35 million on the G5 jet and an additional $20 million on customizing it. I mean, of course. Because if it didn’t have $20 million worth of customization, everyone would think he’s cheap.

So what does $20 mil of customization get you these days? 12 Italian leather seats, flat screen TVs, four liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor, and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.

TMZ also reports he will take out the standard lavatory and replace it with a huge, luxurious bathroom and he is also giving the jet a custom paint job which will include his logo.

The best part is according to Forbes; he only made $6 million dollars in 2010. How a 21 year old who makes a few mil can afford a $55 million dollar jet is beyond me. Sounds like someone has been taking advice from M.C. Hammer. Spend it all, spend it now.

Soulja previously said: "Being black, with money, from the hood, struggles, and coming from nothing to something, of course you're going to share the common struggles. You going to have people hate. You're going to have people that change on you, and all that.

"So of course, watching 50, and him going through what he did, if there wasn't no 50 Cent, there would be no Soulja Boy. You know what I mean?"

And as if the jet wasn’t expensive enough, he’s splashing out another $300,000 on a party for himself at a Miami nightclub tonight. Why not, right?