Soulja Boy Arrested This Morning for Weed Possession

October 18, 2011 By:
Soulja Boy Arrested This Morning for Weed Possession

Rapper and one-hit wonder Soulja Boy has been arrested this morning in Temple, GA for weed possession. It seems like Soulja and his friends were trying to hot box their car.

Hey at least they weren’t trying to “superman dat ho” or some other of the unmentionables from his “Crank That” single.

The 21-year-old rapper, whose real name is actually DeAndre Cortez Way, was pulled over by Temple Police Department around 3:15am and is still being held in Carroll County Jail.

The car Soulja was driving with four of his friends was originally pulled over for a traffic violation. Once the car was stopped, the cop found a “substantial amount” of marijuana and about $70,000 in cash. It’s not a crime to have that much cash, I just wanted to mention it. The cop probably arrested him for the marijuana possession and then high-fived him for having so much money.

Soulja and the four other passengers were all arrested.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that they also found guns in the car and it’s unclear if anyone in the car has proper firearm licenses. Hey, “Weed, cash and guns” that sounds like a Soulja Boy hit right there.

It’s ironic that he was arrested and then found to have guns in his vehicle. Last month, Soulja appeared in a celebrity basketball tournament to stand up against gun violence. Way to be a role model Soulja. I guess Soulja’s motta is that if guns aren’t used for violence then they are okay to just hold and look at and display in rap videos.

While driving around with weed isn’t the worst thing you can do nowadays, Soulja is making a name for himself as some kind of controversial guy.

He latest album featured a track called “let’s Be Real” where he insulted the military. Lyrics included, “F-ck the troops” and the US military was so offended they announced an official ban on the rapper’s music. I’m sure there were a TON of military bands just aching to do covers of Soulja Boy songs and upload them to youtube.

Soulja quickly released an entire apology letter on He claimed, “I am deeply sorry to all members of the US Military Services and their families.”

“When I expressed my frustrations with the US Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them.”