Win A Trip To Guatemala With Sophia Bush!

August 16, 2012 By:
Win A Trip To Guatemala With Sophia Bush!

Who doesn’t want to travel the world with one of the hottest TV stars ever!? If you call yourself a “One Tree Hill” fan and want to do something for charity, listen up!

“One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush and Foster The People frontman Mark Foster have teamed up for charity!

The two stars are working with charity Pencils of Promise to start a new movement called “The Impossible Ones.”

Pencil's of Promise's theory is to build schools to ensure that everyone, regardless of location, has access to education.

Their new movement “The Impossible Ones” encourages fans like yourself to get involved and either raise money or start a Pencils of Promise club at school.

The top fundraiser wins a trip for two with Sophia and Mark to visit a Pencil’s of Promise school in Guatemala.

“I believe that education is the most formative, and most important, part of young people's lives. Education changes and shapes the world, bridges gaps in culture, and unites humanity. The goal of providing education for children everywhere is big. It seems almost insurmountable. Impossible even. But when people come together, and pledge to do their best, their most, for others, change is possible,” Sophia tells Hollyscoop.

So how did Sophia get together with Mark Foster?

“Mark is a fellow artist with an activist’s heart,” she tells us, “I became friends with him and the band at the Do Something Awards last year. We all chatted about leveraging our voices for good… after their show in LA back in July, Mark reached out to me, explaining that global education was really the cause on his heart…he wanted to know more, so I connected him with Pencils of Promise, and a few hours later was blown away by his extremely generous donation.”

Mark made a big donation to "PoP" but then decided to get more involved beyond just giving money.

To get involved check out and to learn more about the education crisis head to