Solange Gives Advice To Jamie Lynn

April 18, 2008 By:
Solange Gives Advice To Jamie Lynn

Solange Knowles has decided to give a little advice to little Jamie Lynn Spears. It would probably be a lot cooler if it came from Beyonce, but SOlange happens to be the sis with parenting experience. Solange had her son Daniel when she was just 18 years old.

She tells Us Weekly, "I'm sure a lot of people perceived that I was gonna be a young, irresponsible mom. I think that there are some moms who are 35 who are just as irresponsible."

As for some pointers for Jamie Lynn, who's even younger than Solange was when pregnant, "You just have to make the best decisions for you," Knowles said. "You have to decide what's best for you. Who are we to say what's right and wrong for a person?"

Solange also moved to the country for a year, which Jamie Lynn has already done by moving back home. She and Casey are also looking for houses in Mississippi, and you can't get more country than that. According to Solange, Jamie Lynn is on the right track!