SoHo House Oscar Party

March 4, 2006 By:

Page six reported this today:

"TALK about Oscar week party-crashing taken to the extreme. On Thursday night, a friend of director Guy Ritchie chased down a hit-and-run driver on Sunset Boulevard after the woman behind the wheel crashed into the $120,000, 2007 XJR Jaguar he was being chauffeured in and sped off. The unidentified pal was coming from partying with Madonna and her husband at the double-top-secret Soho House location in the Hollywood Hills. As a sponsor of the special Oscar party house, Jaguar has been shuttling celebrities to and from its VIP club - including Paris Hilton, Quentin Tarantino, Sienna Miller and Anne Heche"

For all of you who are interested, the SoHo House "top secret" location is in the Hollywood Hills off of Laurel Canyon in Mt. Olympus...on Electra Drive to be exact! ...oops! Did we just spill the beans??