Will Sofia Vergara Streak Naked After Emmy Win?

August 30, 2010 By:
Will Sofia Vergara Streak Naked After Emmy Win?

A promise is a promise and Sofia Vergara isn't about to go back on her word.

Back in July, Modern Family took out an ad in Variety magazine claiming, “If Modern Family wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd.”

Well they won last night and a promise is a promise! So will Sofia really go through with it? She reportedly told reporters, “Listen, I’m not afraid of anything,” Sofia announced. “I’m Colombian.”

She joked that she had already streaked before the Emmys because she knew their show was going to win. “I did the run and I came back,” Sofia joked. “Yes, I mean, I’m fast,” she added with a laugh. “I run fast.”

Sofia's co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson told Hollyscoop on the red carpet that he would be thrilled if Sofia kept her word. "Oh god wouldn’t that be amazing. In stilettos. Yes!"

If Sofia backs out, which we hope she doesn't, her on screen hubby Ed O'Neil is willing to do the dirty work for her. “The good thing is that Ed O’Neill said that he will back me up in case something happens and I cannot do it,” she explained. “He’s gonna do it too.”

And she wasn't kidding. He told us he's ready to step in for her. "Yes [I'm ready to step in] and I’m running backwards," he told Hollyscoop exclusively.

It's a good thing Ed will step up because Jesse refuses to streak naked. He told Hollyscoop, "It wont be me, I'll tell you that right now. Mark my words," he said with a laugh.

If the streak does happen it'll happen on Sunset Blvd., so if you're a huge Sofia fan, we suggest camping out on the strip.