Is Sofia Vergara's Fiancé Bad News?

February 15, 2013 By:
Is Sofia Vergara's Fiancé Bad News?
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Sofia Vergara revealed in an interview today that her fiancé Nick Loeb almost got her arrested. After Nick proposed to her in Mexico over the summer, Sofia was nearly thrown in a Mexican jail because they were trespassing at an ancient pyramid.

Anyways, we hear more bad stories about Nick than good. Actually, we never hear much good stuff about Nick. He’s always getting into fights, almost getting Sofia arrested, they were rumored to have broken up over their explosive fighting, he was even accused of hiring prostitutes when he was with Sofia.

Here’s why Sofia Vergara’s fiancé is bad news:

He gets into bar-fights: Over New Years, Nick got into a fight with a fellow club-goer when that person reportedly spilled a drink on Sofia. At least he stuck up for his girl, well, that is until she started yelling at him for making a scene.

He gets into restaurant fights: The night before the nightclub brawl, Nick blew up at the staff at Katsuya restaurant when they messed up his reservation. He went off on the staff and called them “f-cking idiots” and pulled the good 'ol "do you know who I am?" line.

He might hook up with prostitutes: Last June, Nick Loeb was rumored to have hooked up with prostitutes, which is why the couple called time-out on their relationship for a minute. Univision first reported the story, then National Enquirer reportedly he was allegedly having cocaine-fuelled orgies with hookers. He denied the allegations, so who knows?

He owns Onion Crunch: It’s not a douchebag move to own a crunchy onion company, but it’s just so random. He owns Onion Crunch, which is like the knock off version of French’s French Fried Onions.