Sofia Vergara's Son Releases Video Of Her Engagement

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We all found out last month that Sofia Vergara was engaged. Congrats! Champagne glasses clinking! Whatever!

Now new details have emerged suggesting that Sofia was almost sent to a Mexican jail cell the moment after her boyfriend Nick Loeb proposed.

Sofia’s son Manolo has this video blog called “Mi Vida Con Toty” which in English means, My life with Toty (Toty being Sofia Vergara’s nickname), and just released a super awesome behind-the-scenes video from Sofia’s big 40th birthday bash in Mexico.

According to Manolo, it was his mom's dream to climb to the top of a pyramid like the Mayan ruins they were visiting in Chichen Itza.

“One of my mom's dreams came true, she always wanted to go to the top of the mountains, but unfortunately you can’t do that,” says Manolo, “Once they went to the top of the pyramid, my mothers longtime boyfriend proposed to her!”

But their engagement excitement was short lived, a “pyramid official” (is that what they call it?) demanded that Sofia get off the pyramid.

“You better surrender yourself to officials, we have evidence. Just surrender yourself voluntarily. We have proof,” says the pyramid cop.

Once a member of Sofia’s “team” explained to the woman what “Modern Family” was, everything was alright. I’m just kidding, apparently it was all just a miscommunication and Sofia wasn’t hauled off to the jailhouse. But it was a damper on the engagement excitement, that’s for sure.

Afterwards everyone headed to what Manolo described as a “fantastic lunch party” with “fantastic lunch, music, dancing and good feelings all around.”

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