Sofia Vergara's Drug Addict Brother Gets Deported

August 3, 2011 By:
Sofia Vergara's Drug Addict Brother Gets Deported

Well I guess we know who the black sheep of the family is. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara’s brother has been deported after being arrested 30 times. How do you get arrested that often? You’d have to try pretty hard to get into that much trouble that often.

Sofia’s brother Julio, who has a crippling drug addiction, has been arrested more than 30 times in the last ten years, reports Star magazine via Radaronline.

The Miami-Dade (Fla.) County Court is so tired of dealing with him, they had immigration authorities deport him in April.

Sofia moved to the U.S. from Colombia in 1994 when she was just 22 years old with her son Manolo after divorcing her husband. Her brother Julio later followed her here.

It’s certainly not a case of ‘my sister is famous so I’m a mess’ either. Sofia didn’t get her big break on Modern Family until 2009. Julio was probably on his 25th arrest by that time.