Sofia Vergara Shows Side Boobs for Racy Vanity Fair Spread

September 8, 2011 By:
Sofia Vergara Shows Side Boobs for Racy Vanity Fair Spread

Side boob alert! As long as it 'aint Miley Cyrus's side boob, I guess it's fine. Attention men of the world, Sofia Vergara shows off her curves and some side boob in Vanity Fair.

Caution: This photoshoot is so sexy it's practically an issue of Maxim magazine, and I'd say that this is almost NSFW, unless you work at a factory that makes silicon breasts implants or you work for Sofia Vergara, in which case it would be TRFW (Totally Required for Work).

Sofia Vergara, who is pushing 40 but is still more stunning that every under-25 starlet in Hollywood combined, plays the hilarious MILF on Modern Family. Now the sitcom star is showing her sultry side on the cover and photoshoot for the October Issue of Vanity Fair.

The cover image shows Vergara lying down in a strapless Georgio Armani gown that makes zero effort to hold back her boobs. It's like the dress tried to be conservative and then just gave up. Vergara is busting out all over.

In the next photo she is wearing nothing but a sheer blouse by Chloe that shows off her tiny waist. I'm convinced that the hour-glass figure was inspired by Sofia Vergara, either that or she's the reincarnation of Jessica Rabbit, who is actually a human cartoon and not a rabbit. Just some trivia for your Thursday morning.

In another shot, she wears nothing but a strategically placed Georgio Armani fur. She's basically just lying on a coach and covering herself with a fur blanket. If we're talking NSFW, this one is a 9.

In another, she wears a bra and briefs by Dolce and Gabbana, that is, of course, leopard print.

Sofia will return to the screen with Modern Family on September 21.

While 12 year old boys are secretly pulling their mom's copies of Vanity Fair into the restroom for eerily long periods of time, Vergara says she's not surprised at all that she is a sex symbol, "I love it. Of course - it's great at my age. I think that everything that is positive and good helps out with your career. Why not embrace it and take advantage?"

When you have 34DD's AND can act AND be funny, I'd say that's very good thing for your career. They should make a superhero and model it after Sofia Vergara and call her "Perfect Woman." Oi.

However, Sofia once said that she doesn't dress so va-va voom when she's not covering magazine, "It's not like I'm dressed sexy when I'm inside the house of anything."

LIES. I know she's watering the plants in a see-through raincoat. I mean, if you looked like Sofia Vergara wouldn't you?