Sofia Vergara Reveals: Rules for Dating a Latin Woman

March 19, 2012 By:
Sofia Vergara Reveals: Rules for Dating a Latin Woman

Sucks to be the woman standing next to Sofia Vergara. She’s funny, charismatic...and I guess she’s all right looking, too. If you’re into that whole perfect figure, gorgeous face thing.

Vergara is on the April cover of Esquire, and in the mag, she talks about the allure of the Latin woman and what it’s like to date one.

Firstly, Sofia says that Latin women have a temper that can disappear in seconds, so that's one thing to get used to.

“There's always a lot going on,” Vergara tells the mag. “[My boyfriend] wonders how I can get really mad and scream, then turn around, do something, come back, and forget that I was mad.”

Vergara admits: “I’m, like, bipolar.”

Of course, you’ll have to imagine all this with her signature Colombian accent. Sofia adds that, if you’re an American dating a Latin lady, one of the most important things is getting in good with the mom.

“The mother is the one who is going to help you in the long run! You must make her your friend.”

When the mag asks about Latin women dressing sexy, Vergara says:

“Choose a guy who can handle that." She adds that falling in love "with someone who is insecure, it can be a nightmare.”

Vergara’s boyfriend, Nick Loeb, is what Esquire describes as an “all-American guy.” Sofia describes one difference between Latin guys and "all-American" guys:

“Latin men have something inside them, a genetic disposition to be a little sneaky. A Latin woman has to watch for that. An American guy might think twice before going there. He's thinking ahead, ‘This could turn into a problem that's just not worth it.’ The Latin guy might love the drama and thrill of it in the moment.”