Sofia Vergara On How She Stays So Skinny

February 15, 2011 By:
Sofia Vergara On How She Stays So Skinny

Muy caliente, Sofia Vergara looking smoking hot on the cover of Shape magazine.

In the issue the lovely Sofia talks about maintaining her figure, her favorite body part and being the sexiest woman in Hollywood. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On being as skinny as a toothpick growing up:

"I was ridiculously skinny. They called me palillo, which means toothpick in Spanish ... but suddenly I had these big boobs. It was terrible! I used to tell my mother: 'I'm going to cut these off as soon as I turn 18.'"

On her favorite body part:
"I'm sure men would tell you it's my boobs, but I like my eyes," she says. "They have a natural cat's-eye shape, so I try to play that up."

On working out to maintain her figure:

"Oh, I hate it!" she says. "But I also know that at my age—I'm almost 40!—I have to do it to maintain my figure. When I can, I do Latin dancing for exercise because it's so much fun and I just love the music."

On having her cake and eating it too:

"Vanilla cake, angel food cake, chocolate cake. For me and my son, buying cake at the grocery store is like buying milk. We always have it in the house."

On being the sexiest woman in town:

"To be called the sexiest woman in Hollywood, at my age? It's fantastic. Latin women are very comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. We aren't afraid to show that off a little bit more."