Sofia Vergara: My P*nis Is Bigger Than Yours

January 9, 2014 By:
Sofia Vergara: My P*nis Is Bigger Than Yours
Image By: YouTube

It's time to usher in this morning’s most off the wall and off-colored remark by a celebrity this week: Sofia Vergara boasting about her p*nis.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the “Modern Family” actress made the “shocking reveal” during one of Jimmy Kimmel’s more famous segments in which celebrities read mean tweets directed at them on air.

It’s a great turn-the-tables bit for stars to partake in, but Sofia did a little additional table-turning when she fired back at Jimmy about the size of his member, quipping that hers was “for sure bigger” than his.

It’s unnecessary to reiterate all of this when you can just watch it in the video below, not to mention way too much “p*nis” to write at nine in the morning.