Sofia Vergara: I Could Play a Crazy Psychopath Well

July 10, 2013 By:
Sofia Vergara: I Could Play a Crazy Psychopath Well

Sofia Vergara has a lot to celebrate today. She’s on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s August issue. She’s kicking off season three of “The Look.” She won Hollyscoop’s Hottest Body in Hollywood survey as voted by our readers. Oh, and it’s her birthday today.

But back to Harper’s. In its cover story, the feisty actress shares her thoughts on a bazaar (sorry, couldn’t help it) of topics—from her famous curves to her ability to PLAY CRAZY.

On her role in Modern Family: 

“I don’t think there’s ever going to be a better part for me,” she said. “But I do think—and my son and boyfriend agree with me—that I could play a crazy psychopath. I’m not joking.” 

On her boyfriend, Nick Loeb: 

“He’s really handsome. He’s six-foot four, and he has blue eyes and a lot of black hair.” Vergara paused. “Or it used to be black. Now it’s got a lot of white in it. Nick says all the white hair came from me.”

On rejecting the “natural look”:

“I shower, do hair and makeup. For me, it’s like shaving. I don’t believe in a natural look. Lipstick brightens your face! Unless you’re Gisele Bündchen or 19, you need something.”