Sofia Vergara Gets Rejected By Hollywood Bar and Blows Up

September 18, 2012 By:
Sofia Vergara Gets Rejected By Hollywood Bar and Blows Up

The “Modern Family” vixen isn’t getting much love lately.

It was a drama-filled weekend for Sofía Vergara who was out and about in Los Angeles this weekend trying to enjoy herself. Instead, the actress’ apparent explosive temper was on display at two separate nightclubs.

Onlookers at both incidents convey the dirty details…

On Sunday, Sofía made her way to The Parlor Hollywood, where she was meeting up with a group of friends. However, the bar was filled to capacity with a line outside and a bouncer denied the actress access.

And that’s when Sofía lost it…

According to a source that witnessed the scene, she blew up on the bouncer, pulling a classic celebrity card, yelling, “Do you know who I am?”

A male friend in the party that she was meeting came out to meet Sofía at the door. When he heard that she was not allowed to come inside, he blew too, assisting the Colombian diva with laying into the bouncer.

Frustrated, Sofía retreated but continued her rant on Twitter, further dissing the establishment, calling it the “worst sports bar in L.A.”

But the drama didn’t stop there. On Friday, Sofía was spotted at Blok Nightclub in Hollywood, keeping the volatile mood alive.

An onlooker saw the actress looking and acting unfriendly.

According to the witness, Sofía was with an entourage, sitting in a large booth. Also in attendance was with her fiancé, Nick Loeb, who got the butt of her bad mood.

“Sofía’s fiancé kept being a gentleman and offering to get her a drink,” the onlooker said. “She kept declining.”

At one proint, the actress blew up on her beau, screaming at him, “I do not want a drink!”

Yikes… Now we know what Jay Pritchett goes through every day.