Sofia Vergara Complains About J.Lo's Booty at the SAG Awards

January 30, 2012 By:
Sofia Vergara Complains About J.Lo's Booty at the SAG Awards

Uhh, for starters, we love Sofia Vergara, from Modern Family to those Covergirl ads, she is hysterical even though I can’t understand a thing she is saying.

But during the 2012 SAG awards last night, she dished out some dramz; mostly how she thinks it’s unfair that not enough people give her credit for having an ass like Jennifer Lopez’s.

Yes, at the prestigious SAG awards, Sofia Vergara talked about her killer body. Actually I’m not surprised at all, that’s probably in her Modern Family contract, or something.

“I get underestimated a lot,” Vergara says, “Everyone says she [J.Lo] has great boobs, but I have a great [butt]”

Uhhh, tell us about your role on Modern Family? Do you think you’ll take home a SAG award?


Do you want to keep talking about body, Sofia Vergara? Of course.

“It’s not like JLo,” she complains, “People only talk about this area [points to her chest] but I have a great [points to her butt] too.”

Alright, alright, we get it. J.Lo isn’t the only Latin lady in Hollywood with a great body. We’ll add you to the list of butt references from now on.

Anyways, the actress then went on to talk about how she may or may-not wear underwear to red carpet events. Sure, let’s talk about this, why the hell not.

“I never said I wasn’t wearing panties,” Vergara tells Giuliana Rancic.

“I always wear panties! They are really tiny, like a G-String thing that they are almost like no panty, but they are a panty,” she continues.

You’re welcome, straight male reader. I hope that rounds out your fantasies about Sofia Vergara. Yeeah.