Sofia Vergara Busts Out Of Her Top Shopping in L.A!

August 7, 2012 By:
Sofia Vergara Busts Out Of Her Top Shopping in L.A!

Uh oh, Sofia Vergara suffers at wardrobe malfunction while shopping at L.A. hotspot The Grove.

Now that we’ve lost all the male readers to ogle the photos, here’s what happened.

Sofia Vergara was filming for season 4 of “Modern Family” where her character gets knocked up! Actually, Sofia’s character (Gloria) finds out she’s pregnant at the Season 3 cliff hanger and now Season 4 is her and the whole "Modern Family" gang dealing with it.

In the episode, because Gloria is all va-va-voom and curves, she refuses to dress “conservatively” despite her pregnancy.

While filming at The Grove in Los Angeles, Vergara wears a fake baby bump, skinny jeans and the teeniest cardigan you’ve ever seen. As she walks, her fake bump busts out of the top and the MILF is left exposed - belly out - in nothing but a bra and a cardigan that won’t fit.

In the new season, everything revolves around Gloria’s unexpected pregnancy. Manny freaks out as he feels he has to be the new parent for this child. Claire is pretty excited because it means that Gloria is going to gain weight. Mitchell and Cam are a little miffed because they had a rough year trying to adopt. And Phil goes on an accidental gay date. That has nothing to do with Gloria’s pregnancy, but it’s still worth mentioning.

The fourth season premieres on September 26.