Report: Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb to Split

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Report: Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb to Split
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A breakup storm could be brewing between Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb.

The volatile pair has continued what has become commonplace in their lover's roller coaster, keeping us asking: Are they or aren’t they together? A new report suggests that engaged couple has dropped all plans to secure a Beverly Hills mansion together.

According to the New York Post, their troubles started with a nightclub scuffle on New Year’s Eve. Since then, all plans to nest up together have been thrown to the wayside.

“They were looking at mansions in Beverly Hills and Westwood, but Nick’s realtors just called it off, and were saying they were breaking up,” a source told the outlet.

Well that’s putting it lightly…. Jeez. But apparently there’s hope for the two.

The source added, “They are currently still together and are trying to work things out — but it is rocky.”

As we previously reported Sofia and Nick got into it with security on New Year’s Eve at a club in Miami Beach called Story. Nick got a little upset that Sofia was getting her photo taken with some other dude and they got into it. Another version of the story is that someone spilled a drink on Sofia and/or Nick and that caused the fight. The third version of the story is that Nick was upset that Sofia was flirting with her ex-boyfriend Chris Paciello.

The night before, the couple took their rage and aimed it at the hospitality of Miami’s Katsuya restaurant after they screwed up their reservation. A source told Hollyscoop that Nick went off, calling every employee in sight a “f-cking idiot.”

Not exactly the images that come to mind when you picture a “happy couple.” I hope they try a little harder with this “trying to work things out” situation.