Sofia Vergara Almost Arrested Thanks to Fiancé

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Sofia Vergara Almost Arrested Thanks to Fiancé
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The argumentative trophy wife from “Modern Family” has a tendency to generate quarrels in real life too.

Sofia Vergara, the woman famous for playing herself in every role she takes on, almost got arrested on a trip to the Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico. The incident happened just moments after being proposed to by her now fiancé, Nick Loeb.

During Thursday’s episode of “Ellen,” Sofia battles a language barrier in an attempt to recollect the play-by-play of how it all went down…

“So he [Loeb] was like let’s go take a picture up there,” says Sofia, referring to a roped off area on the sacred ground.

Video plays on a screen, showing Sofia and Nick crossing a rope and trotting up the weathered steps crafted by Mayans thousands of years ago… It also shows site officials getting epically pissed at her stupidity.

“That’s us coming down and they’re going to try and arrest us,” Sofia says on the video.

Sofia claims that Nick had OK’d it with officials prior to breaking the rules. But, really, they’re both not very used to being told “No.” 

“Local people got really upset and they thought I was taking advantage of the situation but it was not true,” she says.

Sofia’s episode airs Thursday, Feb. 14. Watch a clip from the appearance below: