Naked Photos Of Sofia Vergara Coming Soon

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Naked Photos Of Sofia Vergara Coming Soon
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Some "personal" photos of Sofia Vergara taken with her fiancé Nick Loeb’s phone have apparently been hacked and are now up for sale.

What this means for you is, some maybe-naked photos of Sofia Vergara will hit the internet eventually.

Okay, Page Six is reporting that they are not nude pics, but they are “sexy” and “personal” and they are being shopped around from a mystery seller from Florida. 

Either way, there are sexy photos of Sofia Vergara, men and woman alike want to see those pictures!

"The photos show Sofia in her bathroom and the bedroom, and, while they are personal, they are not fully revealing," says a source, who adds that Sofia "looks fantastic" in the images.

Apparently the hacker obtained the pics because Nick lost his BlackBerry, which brings me to this question, when are famous people going to stop taking nude/sexy/sexy-ish pictures with their camera phones!?!?!? It’s like they want you to see their sexy semi-nude over-the-shoulder-bathroom-mirror pics SCARLETT JOHANSSON!

Anyways, Vergara and her team are doing everything to block the photos from leaking to the internet.

"Sofia’s legal and management team have been aggressive about taking them off the market," says the source.

From the sounds of it, it seems like they might be a little more than just “sexy” if she’s that adamant about blocking their release. What don’t you want us to see, Sofia!? EH EH!?

Is it side-boob? It’s totally side-boob. Psh, celebrities…when will they learn.