Behind-The-Scenes of SNL with Sofia Vergara

April 26, 2012 By:
Behind-The-Scenes of SNL with Sofia Vergara

Ever wondered what Sofia Vergara looks like in a pink wig, white robe, and trying to pronounce the word “Gonorrhea”? Well, now you can.

Sofia Vergara hosted Saturday Night Live on April 7th and thanks to her charismatic son Manolo, who has just released a video of her SNL hosting stint to his youtube channel, “My Vida Con Toty” on NuevOn-Electus, we get a peek of the experience from behind-the-scenes.

The "Modern Family" star hosted SNL the same week that One Direction performed, so if you’re at all a fan of SNL, Vergara or One Direction, there’s something in this video for everyone.

Manolo introduces the video by paying respect to his mom, “No other Latina star, coming from Spanish TV, has ever hosted [SNL], ever.”

The video captures the hundreds of fans that camp outside for tickets, but Manolo jokes, “That line of fans outside I could say ‘oh that’s for my mom,’ but no, they were there for One Direction. C’mon, wouldn’t you make a line for One Direction?”

Yeah, but I could also name about a hundred dudes that would line up to see Sofia Vergara.

My favorite moment in the video is when we get to go backstage with Sofia while she tries to work on her accent. There are outtakes of Sofia practicing her pronunciation of “New Jersey” dressed as Effie Trinket from "The Hunger Games." Hilarity ensues.

When Vergara gets into character for her Fran Drescher sketch, Manolo quips, “I’ve always said she’s the Latin Fran Drescher.”

There’s also footage of Sofia putting makeup in her hair to disguise her roots while she chats to her make-up artist about the time she danced at Madonna’s party and some cute moments with the One Direction boys. Awww.