Winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Announced

August 12, 2011 By:
Winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Announced

Nigel Lythgoe predicted that the winner of So You Think You Can Dance would be either Sasha Mallory or Melanie Moore, the two remaining ladies on the show.

And he was right. 11.5 million Americans voted for Moore, and she became the champion of season 8. Sasha was the close runner up. Lythgoe knows his stuff.

Host Cat Deely, who was just nominated for an Emmy, told the girls: "You two are both exquisite dancers, you have both been amazing."

But in the end, it was Moore who became a quarter millionaire. She also got a sponsorship deal.

Moore is a 19 year old from Marietta, Georgia. It was pretty obvious she was the crowd favorite, as she consistently wowed the judges and had a sweet personality. The often referred to her not just as a dancer, but an actress as well. Hello, Hollywood!

Mallory garnered 32 percent of the vote. She's a 23 year old from Bakersfield, California. Most likely, she was just doing the show to get out of Bakersfield for a while. Her start in the competition was rocky, as she was hooked up with a partner she didn’t really have chemistry with. But after breaking free of that, she became a favorite as well. Her performances were powerful and emotional.

Marko Germar came in third. And he'll forever be known as "the dude that got shot in his shoulder." Indeed, he was shot a couple of years ago, but it didn’t hold him back. Judge Mary Murphy said he was "a beast just like the girls.". Earlier this season, Germar's mother flew in to watch him dance. He cried.

Then there was Tadd Gadduang. Tad is a B-Boy from West Valley City, Utah. He got underdog status because, all season long, he was forced to dance out of his style. He was in the bottom throughout the entire season. But he won judge Mary Murphy over because she thought he was sweet. Well, ain't that nice.

This is the first season of So You Think You Can Dance that both the runner up and winner are female. Moore left art school to be on the show, and one of her most memorable performances was during week 7, in which Mandy Moore choreographed a dance. Melanie performed Total Eclipse of the Heart and won audiences and judges over. Congrats to the new winner!